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UFIFA17Coins is probably one of the largest virtual currencies and items provider for MMORPGs known in the gaming community. The brand and business was founded in 2002 by consummate gamers and has ever since been one of the forerunners of the real-money-trading industry. What makes UFIFA17Coins stands out is their consistent fast transactions and guaranteed security. Gamers who puts transaction security above pricing and other factors tends to be UFIFA17Coins's returning customers.UFIFA17Coins was built by The ANT Tech LLC which foucses in providing FIFA 17 Coins for all FIFA players. 


UFIFA17Coins Mall takes the customer needs as the first place and we try to provide the best service. We have the 24/7 customer support which can help you with all questions and problems you have regarding your purchase. We also support multiple payment methods, such as credit card like Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, we also support Western Union. You can pay with different kind of Currency like USD,GBP,CAD,EURO,etc. No matter where you are, UFIFA17Coins would serve you friendly and sincerely.


In addition, customer ratings found on shop review sites suggests an overall good customer satisfaction with ratings of 4.5 out of 5. A complete historical breakdown of the founding of UFIFA17Coins reveals that the site was originally an image processing company that over the years evolved into what we now know as one of he giants in the secondary market and has since acquired several large operations such as Allakhazam.


Due to numerous fraudulent reports on UFIFA17Coins, purchases from them is discouraged at the moment. We recommend you to check other sites instead.


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UFIFA17Coins Review:


I have been buying fifa coins from UFIFA17Coins for about 3 years now. And in spurts have been known to make several purchases back to back. My experience with UFIFA17Coins Is they are very wishy washy. They sometimes have A+ customer service and then the very next time you order it's horrible. Don't get too excited if you have a good experience with them because the next one can go very different. Just recently I ordered 62,400 coins and got it all in 24hrs. I ordered the exact same order again two weeks later and it's been 5 days and have only recieved a small portion of it. When you contact customer service they send out a form letter basically saying "gee sorry you'll get your coins eventually" and I probably will but long after I actually need it! Bottom line if you want consistant good service at a reasonable price look elsewhere. There are lots of good ones. I've used In game delivery before and had a good experience.

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